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2018: the return of Europe

 In the international arena 2018 might very well mark the return of Europe.

America is struggling, China is seeking partners, Russia is bogged down in its past, the Middle East is in turmoil, Africa is still unstable, and the world is seeking answers to the excesses and failings of globalisation.

At the same time Europe has returned to the path of real growth. With the return of France, the time for reform has also come. The grand German coalition, now emerging, places the Union's future at the heart of its discussions. The British, who have become the noisiest supporters of the Single Market, are trying to explain its virtues to its citizens so that they can remain ... and yet leave!

Populism, which is still a burning issue, has been contained to date.

And Emmanuel Macron, after having illustrated in the ballot boxes European citizens' attachment to what has been built, but which is constantly denigrated by blasé elites, is about to provide real proof by offering them an open debate about this.

Finally, Europe has accepted to take care of its own security, to mobilise at least; and it seems to be increasingly aware of its economic power and to be using it.

Of course, we can never be sure that pressure will lead to revolution, but objectiveness helps us see that never have we had such opportunities to offer Europe a real chance to bounce back. A new generation of leaders seems to want to do this. Success is the best thing we might hope for them. Happy New Year!