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European best wishes

With regard to Europe, the worst scenario is not always a certainty.

In 2005 Europe floundered in the wake of the French and Dutch referenda along with other stumbling blocks …

And yet Europe continues to move forwards!

It is capable of producing the best, Airbus, Ariane, Galileo and even the incredible – peaceful relations on the European continent – it even succeeded in adopting a 7 year budget under the British presidency. That is an achievement!

For 2006 I hope that when we look at European events we do not always perceive the day to day irrelevancies and the games undertaken by those involved. If we had to form an opinion about the unification of the European continent, with its failures, hesitations, errors, we must do so in perspective and in the long term.

After all what is the idea today that encourages people to rise above the present in favour of sharing, opening borders, and of people in fact?

So I wish you a very Happy European New Year!

We shall go on in the ilk of this exceptional project that continually provides us with ideals and hope.

I send out my warmest wishes to all of those who consult this site.