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Running with Lisbon

The European Union has been trying to reform its institutions for ten years.

In the wake of the Irish “Yes” it is now certain that this will be done by the end of the year.

Rather than join the chorus of continuous criticism that point to its weaknesses, let’s look at the present and to the future.

The Union has a few years to take up its place and assume its role within the new international architecture. It has many advantages to turn its influence as the

world’s economic leader into that of political leadership.

It will succeed in this if it demonstrates political will.

Whilst the Asian Tigers start to use their newly sharpened claws, the Russian bear attempts to prevent the loss of its precious coat and the American eagle struggles

to maintain its cry, the European elephant must wake up and start moving!

There are no longer any excuses. It can take the lead if it chooses the best people to lead it, and if it accepts its power to act as such ie to define its interests and

work towards promoting them – in fact it has to stop its self-contemplation and embrace the world.

The European Union is big enough to do this. With its size of a continent it has the strength, and now it has the means.